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Inshore competitive sport fishing for Redfish with a guaranteed $10,000 payout for each tournament and $20,000 for the championship. You will also be competing for The Team of the Year throughout the series. Sidecar cash prizes and many chances at door prizes.



We must conserve our fishery resources for sustainable fishing and for future generations to enjoy. While fishing you are a part of an effort to help conserve our delicate, natural ecosystem by participating in the series tagging program. The future of our sport depends on it.



The Series will be giving back to Wish to Fish Louisiana Foundation through chartered fishing trips and your generous donations. We owe it to them to help them be able to enjoy our fisheries just as we do. You can help give back by participating in the tournament raffles.

Push The Custom Tito's Check-It Stick to the maximum
team of the year sponsored by
Tito's Vodka Redfish Series Sponsor | K2 Coolers

Great tournament series put on by a great crew. Can't wait to fish many more of these.


Awesome event today, I've been to many tournaments and this was by far the best I've been to. It was awesome to see familiar faces and to be able to meet some new fellow anglers. Great job Benny and fellow Tito's staff.


This was the first Tito's event that I had the privilege to fish and when I say privilege I mean it. It was an absolute pleasure. The best tournament that I had fished.


I love tournament fishing. You get to hang out with a bunch of people who like to talk about fishing, then you get to go fishing, then come back and talk about fishing again. What's not to love?


A true fisherman is conservative, provident, not given to envy, considerate of the rights of others, and careful of his good name.

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